Hair Thickness vs. Density 

  • Low Density
  • Medium Density
  • High Density

Let’s talk about hair density and thickness. It’s important to learn how to differentiate between the two to truly understand what’s going on with your hair. Hair thickness and density are not one in the same, nonetheless they do work together as a team to make up your hair profile. When you think about thick or dense hair, thickness refers to the width of a single strand of hair whereas density looks at how thin or thick strands are as a group. This means that someone can have fine hair that is also very dense. On the other hand, a person can also have thick hair that is not dense.

Take my mane for instance, my hair is fine and on the low density side of the scale. My hair doesn’t like heavy products that can weigh it down easily so it needs lightweight products. Products that do not weight it down and compromise its volume. For this reason I created the Moisture Rich and Strengthening Deep Conditioner. This deep conditioner is lightweight yet creamy with a lot of slip. Ideal for fine low to high density hair.