Please review qualifications before submitting application for approval.
1) Click here to read qualifications and to create an account.
2) Follow the steps of registration at ShareASale 

3) Once you are set up as a Publisher in ShareASale, login to your account and use the advertiser search box to find Paige Marie LLC 

4) Submit your contact information and select your payment preferences 

5) We have a high volume of applicants wanting to join our affiliate program so we strive to provide you feedback regarding your application as quickly as we can. Note: we make preference to publishers and beauty content creators. Once approved you'll be able to access our various links to start earning money from your content 
6) Once approved, use “Select Merchant” search bar to find Paige Marie LLC affiliate program

7) Within the Paige Marie LLC affiliate page you’ll see the various links and banners available for promotion

8)  Select the link you’d like to promote and go to > “Get HTML Code”

9)  Copy & Paste HTML code into  desired location within your site

10)  Start earning money for your content!
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