Paige Marie LLC. is a beauty brand specializing in handcrafted healthy hair care products that are formulated with fine/thinning hair in mind. In 2019, Our founder Lakisha Marie suffered from a life threatening condition after giving birth to her daughter that changed her perspective on life. Postpartum shedding on top of medications that caused her hair to thin out pushed her to pursue her life long passion of formulating, thus Paige Marie Hair Care was born. Our products contain ingredients derived from the earth that are proven to promote a healthy solution for your hair. Our signature product and best seller, The Moisture Rich & Strengthening Deep Conditioner, which is formulated with the most moisturizing ingredient on the market, Hyaluronic Acid. has been a game changer for many that have fine hair or suffering from dry, damaged, limp, low porosity, fine, and thinning hair due to hormonal imbalance.