Moisture overload, how it occurs, and what to do to combat it......

Do you have too much moisture in your hair?

If so, then you might be suffering from hygral fatigue. Hygral fatigue is when damage to your hair follicles occurs due to repeated swelling and un-swelling of the follicle. This occurs when excess moisture is introduced the the hair penetrating the outer layer of your hair and reaches the inner cortex. over time, the repetition of swelling from hygral fatigue can lead to fizziness, brittleness, dullness and even a mushy feeling of the hair.

There are ways that we can prevent this issue before it happens with proper care for our locks! We recommend using products like Paige Marie Beauty’s strengthening line which has been specially formulated with ingredients such as keratin and amino acids that will help keep to add a touch of protein into each strand while preventing any further damage caused by hygral fatigue. It also helps protect against future damage which means healthier looking locks for longer! 

To prevent hygral fatigue in the future, it is important to maintain the innate protein structure of the hair strands. after all our hair is made up of about 90% protein so its essential to keep a good balance of protein with in the hair. Ensure that you are using a regimen that contains a deep conditioner that is formulated with proteins to assist in keeping the protein structure intact, this helps the hair fibers from expanding too much when wet. 

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