"How to care for your fine hair"

Taking care of self within is the first step. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and exercise. This not only helps with promoting healthy hair but is essential for health in general. 

Now that we got the inner health out of the way, here are tips on how to care for your fine hair. Fine hair is delicate and needs to be cared for as such. Love your fine hair. Products that contain ingredients that are too heavy such as heavy oils or butters could weigh the hair down. Choose products that are lightweight and increase volume. 

Shampooing: Those with fine hair are encouraged to shampoo more often then those with thicker coarser hair textures. This is because products can build up on fine hair much quicker than those with thicker textures. I recommend shampooing often with a sulfate free non-stripping shampoo. Clarify at least once a month to remove all product build up. Be on the look out for our clarifying shampoo coming in the near future. 

Conditioning: It is important to deep condition your hair. The key to a healthy head of hair is just that right balance of moisture and protein. When you deep condition it helps restore the lost moisture and strengthens the hair overtime. I recommend deep conditioning every other week. I also recommend using heat if you have low porosity hair. Low porosity hair cuticles are closed. Heat opens the cuticles allowing moisture to enter. For a great deep condition, use our Moisture Rich & Strengthening Deep Conditioner sold here on our site. In terms of leave in conditioners, I recommend using a very lightweight conditioner. One that will not weigh your hair down and will not cause build up. 

Styling: When styling fine hair, just like conditioners, use a styling product that is lightweight. An example would be light formulated styling creams or spritz. Use in small amounts so that you can keep volume. Gently lift hair from the roots by using a pick. This will add that much needed volume us fine hair folks lack.