Difference between fine and thin hair:

There are so many hair types and all are unique to oneself. I fall under the "fine" hair spectrum but for a long time I thought my hair was "thin". This was mainly due to being told I had thin hair when I was relaxed. Did you know that there is a difference between the two? 

What is the difference between fine and thin hair?

To keep it short and sweat, thin hair refers to the density of the hair, while fine hair refers to the width/diameter of the actual individual hair strands...

There are many techniques and test that you can do to determine if you hair is fine but the most popular one that I can think of is the thread test. This test compares a piece of hair to a piece of thread. It's a good chance that your hair is fine if the hair strand is smaller than the thread.

It's possible to have lots of fine hair strands presenting the appearance of thick hair. 🌸

Thin hair refers to the amount of hair that is actually on your scalp per square inch. 🌿

I hope this small snippet brings some light into the difference between fine and thin hair. 

Love - Lakisha Marie